PS3 Emulator ( PS3eMU )

PS3eMU is an emulator for PlayStation 3 video game console. It enables pc users to play ps3 games in full HD resolutions with multiple improvements such as compatibility with different controllers, sound networks and even more.

What's NEW in PS3eMU v 2.1 :

  • Improvement of MpegGetUserdata
  • Enabled XOR@, SAR, and COMR.
  • Noticed that Commando, as well as some other games, triggers a HLT.
  • Fixed unresolve of R_MIPS_32 relocation at module unloading.

ps3 emulator

PS3eMU Performance

PlayStation 3 emulator is very complicated so it is important to configure PS3eMU the right way to run games without any issues.

The performance of PS3eMU depends on following Options:

Config : ps3-emulator-config

  • CPU Emulator Engine : Interpreter turned out to be the best CPU emulator engine in our beta testing.
  • Framelimit : Auto - Let the emulator choose the number of frames per second depending on your hardware.
  • Enable Dual Core : Gives a significant speedup on latest machines. Highly Recommended.

Graphics : ps3-emulator-graphics

  • Internal Resolution - "Auto" Option is recommended. When the emulator cannot function properly in full screen mode set it to 640x528 default mode and slowly set it back to full screen mode.
  • Fast Depth Calculation - This option uses accurate strategy to calculate depth which helps in speding up the emulation..
  • Ignore Format Changes - This option may not be helpfull with all the games, but there are a few games which use this option and the speed increases greatly for them.Recommended.

About PS3eMU

Netplay Settings:
All the players must be using same version of the PS3eMU which is v 2.1 (latest version). For few games memory cards need to be synchronized or disabled. Also, Frame Limiter cannot be set to Audio for Netplay. If you follow these configurations/settings Netplay should be easy for you with PS3eMU.

There are many good features in the software which gives real experince of playing PS3 games in your PC. So, no need to buy PS3 console anymore to play your favorite

As you know that the first version of the PS3eMU was released in June 2014 which was underdevelopment more then a year. V 2.0 was released last month which took 5 months to get updated. The updates were possible only with the feedback that we get regularly from PS3eMU users.